Next Week’s Knesset Calendar Timeline:


Jeremy's Knesset Insider

Monday 10.3.14 – The Knesset plenum session begins at 11 AM (instead of 4 PM) with the traditional practice of the weekly government no-confidence motions. All seven opposition parties (Labor, Shas, UTJ, Meretz, Hadash, Ra’am-Ta’al, Balad, Kadima) are expected to try to topple the government. All seven attempts are expected to fail. It is possible the opposition will give up on (one, more or all of) the no-confidence motions in order to devote more time to speeches on the Electoral Reform Bill.

Following the no-confidence motion votes, Constitution Committee Chairman David Rotem (Y.B.) will present two bills: An Amendment to the Basic Law: The government & an Amendment (#62) to the Elections to the Knesset Law. Together the two amendments are also known as “The Electoral Reform Bill” and many other names as well. The MKs discussions, including the opposition’s objections to the bill, have a time limit and the…

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