The Business Insider: 20 start – ups promising Israel


The Business Insider: 20 start – ups promising Israel

Applications / Photo: thinkstock

Here in Israel we like to take pride in our Jewish brain, despite the difficult conditions, allowed us to establish here superpower Hi – Tech world, second only to Silicon Valley in California.Hi – tech country which has about 4,800 start – ups , has been awarded honored around the world, and one manifestation of this is the famous book: Startup Nation.Site Business Insider select the 20 start – warm ups and the most promising Israel .

Some choices are understood and known to all, but some of them are still young and have not won a massive publicity. Here is the full list:

First. Waze : GPS app that does not require an explanation that because of its 30 million users, each application is the leader in the world:

Two. WiX : comfortable and visual interface of a Wix, which allows anyone to build a website several minutes, already standing at the base of more than 30 million websites:

Three. BillGuard : This company protects consumers from fraud and unnecessary and duplicate charges to your credit card. The company has been able to save nearly 50 million customers around the world:

Four. Soluto : Soluto has developed a platform that helps solve problems and control remote computers with ease and comfort. Start – up that won TechCrunch Disrupt 3 years ago, and he gets encouragement both Google and Microsoft:

Five. Sciences Commerce : Commerce Sciences Corporation has developed a solution for personalizing noncontact online trading, and offers personal shopping experience tailored to each person with a toolbar effective and convenient:

Six. Conduit : Kondoait is one of the Israeli companies publicized and recognized, and it operates in the toolbars and online applications. After the company’s worth was estimated at $ 1.3 billion, it was declared the first Israeli Internet Society billion worth “:

Seven. GetTaxi : Taxi booking app already conquered Israel, London and Moscow, and now is the way to conquer New York:

Eight. Fiverr : This site is essentially an online marketplace where you can buy and sell items, but primarily services at really low, even at $ 5. The service operates in 200 countries around the world:

Nine. IronSource : This company develops software for software companies. The company’s flagship product is called Installcore software downloads, if you downloaded an app from the network, the more likely you downloaded with this software:

10th. PrimeSense : This company has developed gesture recognition technology in three dimensions. Now who makes use of this technology is no different than Mikrosfot, absorbed the company’s technology into sensor – Kinect Her question:

11th. Outbrain : a start-up that developed a recommendation engine for articles on major news sites in the world use it. Among the company’s customers are also sites CNN, Fox News, and Mashable:

12th. Bizzabo : This company has developed a social network dedicated specifically tailored for conferences, provides advanced invitees can link with other people at the conference:

13th. UiU: popular website that allows you to create Pedigree and record the history of your family. The company has more than 72 million registered users by 24 million families:

14th. UiU : Company develops app android similar to Facebook Home, only it actually makes using the device easier for people who are accustomed to technology, and allows it to browse the device through the computer.

15th. CrossReader : application PLUG – you can download browsers Chrome , and provides service recommends you reveal you the stories and articles of interest to you:

16th. Correlor : This company develops ways for the analysis of large databases to help companies determine the personality type of their consumers. The interesting part is that the company uses the same method of mapping the human genome to map the different personality types.

Startup Correlor / out: Screenshot

17th. Wishi : social network dedicated clothes, with a few unique features like the ability to upload images with your clothes in the closet, and use contacts to choose an appropriate outfit:

18th. Moolta : is fundraising platform to post funny and difficult challenges that people can donate money after you have made ​​them. For example, if you want to run a marathon to raise money for Alzheimer’s patients, you increase the challenge site and people can donate to you:

19th. Mobli : image upload service that competes with Instagram , but it has a special twist – it allows you to see pictures and videos of other users in the same event to receive new angle. One prominent investor is Leonardo di Caprio:

20th. Newvem : This company takes care of users will not pay too much for a variety of cloud services Amazon . The service examines 125 Amazon users every day, and according to the developers so far they have been saved users 80 thousand dollars:


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