10 Incredible Nostradamus Predictions That Actually Came True


10 Incredible Nostradamus Predictions That Actually Came True

More popularly known as Nostradamus, Michel de Nostredame (1503 – 1566) was an apothecary of French origins who foretold a number of predictions and published these in a world-famous book called The Prophecies or Les Propheties.The very first edition of the said book materialized about 11 years before he died. Since then, Nostradamus and his book have acquired a huge following that believes he predicted numerous world events, hundreds of years before they occurred.

Check out the following Nostradamus predictions that actually appeared to come true:

1. Fire will burn the blood of the just in London in the year 66.

Great Fire London

Depiction of the Great Fire of London by an unknown painter. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the Nostradamus prophesies pertained to a fire that will demand the blood of London. This prediction actually came true on September 5, 1666, when the Great Fire of London swept through vital parts of the English city and laid waste many great structures. The major conflagration ruined the homes of a huge percentage of the city’s residents, with an estimated 70,000 city inhabitants affected by the fire out of a total of 80,000.

The damaged infrastructures also included St. Paul’s Cathedral and 87 parish churches, 13,200 residential edifices, and countless city buildings. Though the threat of destruction was there, the suburban slums, the Palace of Whitehall, and Westminster’s aristocratic district was left untouched.

2. The enslaved people will rise up and rebel against the princes and lords.

Révolte Fouesnant

French revolution (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nostradamus’ followers and believers credit him for predicting the revolution that succeeded in changing the face of France in 1799. The extreme political and social turmoil that characterized the period of the French Revolution gave way to epic changes in the way things (and people) were in that country. In three years’ time, the absolute monarchy that governed the French for what seemed like forever was no more.

Religious, aristocratic, and feudal privileges were eradicated by continuous attacks of the fed up masses and liberal political clusters. Enlightened principles and ideas on rights and citizenshiptook the place of ancient notions on tradition and hierarchy.

3. PAU, NAY, LORON will rise to power.


Napolean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Napoleon Bonaparte’s rise to power is one of the most famous Nostradamus predictions that came true. What’s even more incredible about it is that the reputed seer actually directly referred to a specific person. If you rearranged the letters of Pau, Nay, Loron, you’ll actually come up with Napaulon Roy. He was one of France’s most well-known emperors as well as one of the country’s most significant historical figures. In this prophesy, Nostradamus states that Napoleon will deny the Piuses entry and that they will be imprisoned. The Piuses being referred to were Popes Pius VI and Pisu VII, who were indeed locked up.

4. Pastor will be honored as a demigod.

Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Though “Pastor” could refer to any other brilliant person who carried a similar name, it is mostly believed that this Nostradamus prophesy was pointing to Louis Pasteur, who lived from 1822 to 1895. Born in Dole, Pasteur was a French microbiologist and chemist who was able to offer the world a number of major scientific breakthroughs. Apart from his remarkable discoveries in the management and treatment of puerperal fever, he was also responsible for creating the first ever anthrax and rabies vaccines.

Considered to be one of the three founding fathers of microbiology, Pasteur also became famous for coming up with pasteurization. This is a process that sterilizes milk and wine and prevents these substances from causing people to fall ill.

5. A child from West Europe will be born. He will seduce a great troop with his tongue, and his fame will spread as far as the East.

Adolf Hitler in Paris in 1940

Adolf Hitler in Nazi occupied Paris in 1940 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This prediction is clear enough. When one reads this, one almost automatically thinks of Adolf Hitler, who led the German army in a rampage that rocked the entire planet at the time.  Head of the state and Chancellor of Germany from the year 1933 to the year 1945, the Austrian-born Nazi Party leader is most remembered (and maybe even most hated) for the major role he played in The Holocaust, the Second World War, and the rise of European fascism.

6. The two greatest ones will be at war with one another.

Approaching Omaha

Normandy Invasion on Omaha beach, June 1944 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Second World War was one of the greatest Nostradamus predictions of all time. The “two greatest ones” clearly point to the two great powers that came face to face during that most devastating war – the Axis and the Allies. Throughout history, no war or battle can ever hope to rival World War II. It was during that time that distinctions between military and civilian resources were blurred in order to fuel the fight.

Additionally, it is the only war that ever made use of nuclear weapons. To this day, it is also the most widespread battle, which mobilized millions and millions of military personnel. It is truly amazing that this deadliest human conflict was foretold centuries before it happened.

7. People will be “put out by steel.”

Nagasaki bomb

Nagasaki bomb (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

During Nostradamus’ time, the word steel would have pointed to some kind of weaponry. This led the followers of the seer to conclude that he predicted the atomic bombings that left Nagasaki and Hiroshima in state of utter devastation. Though the rest of the Nostradamus quatrain indicate that famine and plague would be responsible for much death, a number of people still believe that the prediction of  the aforementioned nuclear attack can still be credited to the world-renowned clairvoyant.

8. Two great men will die; one during the day, and the other during the night.

JFK limousine

JFK, moments before the first assassin’s bullet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

True believers are certain that the deaths of the Kennedy brothers are part of the Nostradamus prophesies that actually came true. John F. Kennedy, killed in the afternoon of November 22, 1963, was the first to go. He was shot in Dallas, Texas while in a Presidential motorcade with his wife, the Texan governor, and the governor’s wife. On June 5, 1968, right after midnight struck, Robert F. Kennedy was also assassinated.

9. Diana’s life will be taken.

Lady Diana USA

Princess Diana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Princess Diana of Wales died on August 31, 1997 after sustaining extensive injuries from a car accident. At that time, she was with her boyfriend Dodi Al-Fayed, fathered by a person named Mohammad, Fayed’s bodyguard, and the driver. The only person who survived the accident was the bodyguard – Trevor Rees- Jones. Earlier, it was thought that the paparazzi were to blame, but a 1999 French judicial investigation conclusion pointed the finger at the driver, Henri Paul. He was found to be under the influence of alcohol, had traces of a tranquilizer and antidepressant in his body, and lost control of the vehicle.

10. Fire from the center of the earth will cause trembling around the new city.


9-11 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The full Nostradamus prediction alludes to New York City (new city), the World Trade Center (center of the earth), and the Twin Towers (two great rocks). The September 2011 assault on the Big Apple, and the United States in general, was a terrorist attack that led many to their deaths. It was not just the passengers of the hijacked planes who lost their lives, but also the many people who were in the buildings at the time and the individuals who offered their lives to save these people. The effects of that unfortunate event can still be seen in the way nations at present abhor terrorism.

While scores of critics say that these predictions are quite vague (and maybe they’re right?), the fact remains that plenty of people still believe that Nostradamus was a truly gifted soothsayer. Only time will tell if Nostradamus’ predictions 2013 will actually come true.


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