At The End Of The Day: Impact


At The End Of The Day: Impact

Did my day make a difference? Did my work make an impact? Achievement without impact always feels hollow to me, just as a paycheck earned for something that didn’t matter to the person can reward only in its economic benefits.

There are so, so many ways a person’s work can have an impact. Please do not underestimate this daily opportunity from the little to big things. The way we treat a fellow team member or a client or a customer can make a significant difference in their day and sometimes in their lives. The attitude and energy we bring to the office or a meeting can infect everybody around us. And the work itself can have meaning from providing a service to a substantial value.

Work devoid of impact not only leaves no benefit to our team, clients and customers, it leaves us feeling hollow. Work of impact invigorates all and has a rippling effect through the day and sometimes through time.


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