Reply to the Troll Internet Blog losersonlinkedin Stephen Darori AKA Stephen Drus


Reply to the Troll Internet Blog losersonlinkedin Stephen Darori AKA Stephen Drus

Stephen Darori  the holder of 12 US Patents related to the Threshold Technology Curve Model for Startups and Investors

Stephen DaroriReply to the Troll Internet Blog losersonlinkedin Stephen Darori AKA Stephen Drus

:title : Internet troll – As trolls are as old...

:title : Internet troll – As trolls are as old as mankind, so internet trolls are as old as the internet. –wiki-vr :illustrator : JNL (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

:title : Internet troll – As trolls are as old as mankind, so internet trolls are as old as the internet. –wiki-vr :illustrator : JNL (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jimbo Wales discusses trolling in a special se...

Jimbo Wales discusses trolling in a special session during Wikimania 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jimbo Wales discusses trolling in a special session during Wikimania 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: The Internet Troll, in its native hab...

English: The Internet Troll, in its native habitat, near a computer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: The Internet Troll, in its native habitat, near a computer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anonymous with Guy Fawkes masks at Scientology...

Anonymous with Guy Fawkes masks at Scientology in Los Angeles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anonymous with Guy Fawkes masks at Scientology in Los Angeles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An absurd situation … I did not write any of the incredibly long and incomprehensible gmails on which theInternet Troll MDraeper has “based” his Blog … one of two in his blogspot . Google Inc have received  legal representation to suppress the Blogs and have done so with the second of this troll’s blogs  but left the longer and more ridiculous blog. Google In are in the most ideal position to access all my gmail received and sent since the account was opened when gmail was still at Beta  and determine whether or not the lengthy correspondence took place often in the early hours of the morning but according to Google inc they are overwhelmed with 10 -12 million new requests per week to remove content from Google Inc’s properties which increase almost weekly with new purchases. Not really relevant but an interesting statistic …according to an xoogler ( exGoogler) on Quora … in every Google Chrome Research  , over 8% of search results  that are generated never before have been Googled by its Chrome Browser and contrary to te often cited illusion , the Google Crawler does not take 3 days to search the Internet … it does so now instantaneously ( technology and microprocessors have developed far faster than exponentially) as has Google Chrome’s Search algorithm.


The Internet is the largest experiment involving anarchy in history and the largest ungoverned space without any real legal recourse.It is  worth noting that the term “troll” is one of the most frequently cited insults in the online environment. It is often used to brand, silence or scapegoat a member with a dissenting or outright false impression. MDraeper  has written a malicious false blog devoid of any fact or truth using his talent ( well some talent) as a South African Johannesburg based movie script writer. It would appear that the real person behind the MDraeper pseudonym had his application for finance of a movie  turned down. He has deleted and reposted this Blog a number of times since 2009.

Unmoderated or poorly moderated environments like Blospots are not only more susceptible to malicious or damaging trolls, they are also more likely to create the conditions that invite them. This is because the members themselves have very little in the way of actual power. With few other options at their disposal they will often resort to intimidation tactics and personal attack with the hope of verbally overpowering the offender. If the offender is a true troll, this will only reinforce the troll’s sense of purpose, inflames his/her ire, and let him or her know who the target is.Blogspot is a Google Incasset however every week Google Inc according to Quora they get 6-8 million complaints and even employing 50 thousand  lawyers will not clear the backlog in the next century.

1. “MDraeper” ( Mike Draeper) is fictitious and spurious. .MDraeper is a Internet Troll who has posted an  inflammatory, provocative and intrusive harassment Blog about Stephen Darori . A Google search for “MDraeper” ( and /or Mike Draeper)produces no results except for this Blog with one entry dating from 2009 and a a shorter second from 2012. The Blog from 2009 was deleted and reposted  in 2012. MDraeper appears to be a an exceedingly imaginative South African  movie script writer with an attribute for writing fiction with the typical impunity of a bogus internet troll. It probably is not a good reflection of his true writing skills or ability to spell .


2.Stephen Darori did not have a PhD from Wits University or any other degree from that University. He never actually set foot on the latter University Campus.  In 2009 “Helpmekaar” did not have a website, let alone a Wikipedia Article about it. It is an expensive private  academically very successful  Afrikaans High School. Quite obviously  the basis for one of Draeper’s incorrect assertions would not exist had their website existed in 2009.


3.Stephen Darori gmail account has has no record of any correspondence with the fallacious and  deleterious troll MDraeper dating back to 2009 ( on which this entire Blog has been contrived). This Blog was deleted by MDraeper  and reposted in 2012. The Gmails dating back to 2009 are the connived creations  of MDraeper . There is no basis of truth in any of the correspondence related to Stephen Darori. It was never Stephen Darori’s style or nature to write long,  rambling, time consuming emails that have little basis of fact. “AK European Investments” was the nickname given to a very discrete Investment Group ( he was once associated with)  that never ever invested in movies or films.


4. Stephen Darori was not a serial scammer. Neither was he a criminal and was never ever subjected to any form of questioning , in any country , regarding any on line presence he may have had , by any law biding body. Stephen Darori valued his privacy and could be relied on for discretion and honesty.

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