It’s clear that Internet is the future of almost all businesses. Even traditional brick and mortar companies are moving online to market their products and services. More and more companies now realize that there is intense competition even on the Internet in the same niche. Having a website or sales funnel like Power Lead System is not enough to sell as you have to drive sufficient traffic to the website by ranking high on the search engines. In order to have a strong online presence you should have a 3 pronged online plan. Let’s have a close look at what these 3 prongs are and how they can help you in optimizing your online business.

* Your website-One of the best Internet marketing tools is your website. So the first step for you is to build a credible, and professional looking site because it is the starting point for all your marketing efforts. It is important that hosting service chosen by you should have 99.99 percent uptime so that you have maximum online exposure and flow of customers that you can convert on your website.

* Good autoresponder service-The second Internet marketing tool for you is reliable autoresponder service. This service can mange your entire contact list and will also send out automated messages as per the schedule created by you. You can research online for the best companies offering this service. Use the service that has easy to navigate website, and the process of creating opt-in boxes, and campaigns is fairly straightforward.

* Ways to generate traffic-The third tool is ways to generate consistent flow of traffic to your website. In fact, this tool is a collection of several marketing strategies that include article marketing, web directory submissions, social bookmarking, blog and forum submission, social media marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, and so on.
In article marketing, you submit high quality articles containing useful content and your niche keywords. In the author resource box you can add your URL and useful information to enable readers to visit your website.

Similarly, you can submit blog and forum posts with your URL in the signature file. You aim is to get high quality links from authority websites as they will help you rank high on the top search engines, which means good online exposure and sales. You can also submit short informational videos on video on YouTube with a link to your site. Aside from that, submit your site to top web directories under proper category and subcategories, as this will help users to find your business with ease.

You can also use social media marketing by creating profiles on top social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked in. With more than 900 million users, you won’t have to struggle much to get thousands of customers to your site. You can also use PPC advertising campaigns to advertise on Google and MSN. You will not only get instant traffic, but backlinks as well leading to higher online visibility and sales.

These three online marketing tools are best for online marketers as they can help them in maximizing their earning potential. The possibilities are limitless and with some resourcefulness, determination, imagination and creativity you can work wonders and generate huge income within a short time.


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