Why Industrial strategy is important


Why Industrial strategy is important

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Whitehall, London, looking south towards the H...

Whitehall, London, looking south towards the Houses of Parliament. The tower is Victoria Tower. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why Industrial strategy is important


The government I lead has got a clear driving mission. To make sure Britain can succeed in the tough global race of today. Around the world right now countries are competing for investment, for jobs, and I want Britain to be right at the head of the pack. That’s why a proper industrial strategy is so important.

Under previous governments, this country, we haven’t always got it right. Whenbusinesses needed support from Whitehall, too often none was forthcoming. But when businesses needed Whitehall to get off their backs, government simply told industry what to do. Now that’s not the way to fire up our economy. And it’s not the way to compete withIndiaChina and all the rest.

Step by step this government is changing things. Now this isn’t about state planning or picking winners, it’s about talking to businesses of every size, in every sector, in every part of our country, and asking the simple question ‘What can we do to help you succeed?’

And across the board we’ve worked in partnership with industry to do just that. Launching strategies in key sectors from aerospace to life sciences, from agritech to the information economy. Whether it’s making it easier for you to harness the latest scientific technology or fighting your corner to secure critical investment, this government is pulling out all of the stops to help. Because we want to make sure that the next generation of quieter cleaner planes, the innovative medicines of the future, the safer more affordable food of tomorrow, all these things are made right here in Britain.

Now of course there is still much more work to be done and this conference is a great opportunity to discuss what comes next, to make sure we deliver on the plans we’ve set out.

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